180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 141

I am literally sitting in my living room, bursting my brain to complete an exam paper that I’ve been working on since last night. But though this process, I am reminded that all this is vanity. What will happen to my degree when Jesus returns? Is there a place in heaven/the next life to use…

180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 107

For God does speak—now one way, now another—    though no one perceives it. Job 33:14 He is speaking. You can’t hear him? He uses multiple ways, not just one. Check again. He is speaking.

Watch “Can you hear God’s Voice in the Noise?” on YouTube

What is happening around you that prevents you from hearing God’s voice? Are you hurt, angry, or even in a literally noisy environment that just blocks you from hearing God? You should be able to hear God speak at any time or you may miss vital instructions.