Effects of Gossip

Friends who Gossip When friends gossip about you, it can hit you hard. I’ve sat and listened as people gossiped about me and about each other. I’ve seen my ‘friends’ asking me questions only to see if I’d tell the “truth” they thought they knew. I’ve seen my ‘friends’ tell me secrets their friends confided…

Stay True to Yourself

Today’s encouragement: Keep you head up, eyes on your own spiritual growth, hears open to the Lord rather than to gossip and feet on the path. Stay true to yourself because this world is filled with insecure bullies who’d rather see you become weak, instead of working on being secure about themselves. Be resilient, be…

Some times, I don’t believe…

I sit in church and I hear the words, “God is faithful”. And my response is, “meh”. Some times it is hard to believe that he is a faithful God. The words just pass right by me like a stranger would on the road. You see, sometimes, I don’t believe…. After all that I’ve been…

Thank you!

I now have 50+ followers and I want to take the time to say a big, heart-felt THANK YOU! I do not take your likes, comments, or follows lightly. With every new comment, like, or follow, I tell Daddy thanks for allowing you to find my blog. Thank you! I love you! Blessings.

Watch “First you must make a decision” on YouTube

We at times don’t know what we should do under certain circumstance. Some times we wonder if we will make the right choice. But nothing will happen if we fail to make decision. That’s the first thing we must do; make a decision. Watch this video to hear more. Like, subscribe, share, and comment.

Watch “Handling Transitions” on YouTube

There are many changes which occur in our lives. We may not like change but there is nothing we can do to stop it. The important thing is to effectively transition from one situation to the other. How do we do that? Watch this video to learn more. Like, comment, share, and subscribe.

Watch “New Thing” on YouTube

At times, God will start doing something new, something unfamiliar. Sadly, we don’t always understand when the changes start to happen. There is a new thing happening, do you not perceive it? Watch this video to hear why it’s important to realise when God is doing something new in your life. Like, comment, share, and…

Watch “Favour Isn’t Fair” on YouTube

Have you ever gotten something that you knew you didn’t deserve? That’s favour. Favour is when the Lord gives you a job, for which you’re unqualified, it’s when you get a the horse AND the saddle. Watch this video to hear more. Like, comment, share, and subscribe.

Watch “You Have to Choose” on YouTube

There comes a time in a person’s life when we have to make a major decision. One such decision is regarding our faith. Who are you deciding to serve. Will you choose to serve sex, your love for money, your family/friends, idols, demons, etc? Or will you choose to serve God? But, one way or…

Watch “Who Knows?” on YouTube

Some times we like to do things in secret, even serve God. But, can you be a Christian and no one knows? Watch this video to find out. Like, comment, share, and subscribe.