180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 115

He’s never lost a battle…

I can’t recall one story where God lost to a god or even humans.

Pharoah’s first born was killed and his army destroyed. Fire reigned down and destroyed the Baal altar and killed the Baal priests.

The ark of the covenant was placed in a room with a philistine god. God knocked the idol down and when they kept putting it back up, he beheaded their god.

Jesus died…but he didn’t stay dead. The enemy couldn’t even kill him, as it was Jesus who gave up his life for us. And he rose again to demonstrate absolute power over the wannabe, satan.

There are more biblical events I could recount but I think that’s sufficient.

Finally, when the enemy wanted me dead as a baby, God allowed my mom to rush me to the hospital. According to the doctors, if she had waited until morning, I’d have died. When the enemy wanted to drive me crazy, God sent someone to tell me that it would be okay, only minutes BEFORE the situation occurred.

…. He’s never lost a battle. And he’s not about to start losing now. Mighty warrior, great in battle. Jehovah is his name.

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