180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 65

Take it easy…

I wear a few hats simultaneously. I am secretary in two different capacities relating to the Kingdom of God; I am a youth leader at my church; I mentor young ladies; I work a 9-5 job; I am a friend; and I am currently enrolled in an educational institution. I have a lot going on at once and some times it gets burdensome but I push ahead and trust God.

Last month, I was feeling pressured from all angles. On February 27, 2020, I had a Conversation with Daddy (CWD) 🤗. Gosh! It’s blowing my mind even now!! I listened to him and this is what he said to me (I recorded it in my diary):

You have too many things doing, and too many that you are not doing but need to get done.  Your desire is to do what you can and work as hard as possible to be ahead.  But my will is for you to enjoy the process and to fulfill your purpose. My will is for you to be replenished continuously and not endanger your health (mentally and physically).   Learn to effectively delegate, I’ll place persons around you who are willing to do the task. 

Well, just last week, someone messaged me and asked how they could help in the youth ministry. I smiled and said, “Thank you, Lord. This is you!”.

Next, I had a secretarial task to do but was lagging way behind. The name of an individual came to mind but I said, “No, that person is already doing enough”… But then I thought that I’d better be obedient. I messaged the individual and got an affirmative response.

💃💃💃💃 All in one week! Who could it be but God! (Check back tomorrow for part 2)

He has my best interests at heart. He is the Almighty God, the Most High… Yet he loves me as a father loves his child. Yahweh, I love you.

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