180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 60

I just couldn’t wait to share this! God always comes through….I call it his backup plan.

Yesterday, I had an assignment to submit, both the hard and soft copy. Due to work, I was unable to drop off the physical copy but I asked a friend who said yes. However, she would be there up to 12pm and I had some editing to do.

12pm came and I was not done. I told her that she could go as she had work and I didn’t want her to be late. So, I started to think. What to do? Who to ask for help?

I was speaking with the same friend and I asked her if the lecturer would permit me to submit the hardcopy the next day. She suggested that I email him and ask. As I began typing the email, the Lord reminded me of my mentor who is in 3rd year. So I paused that email, and sent my mentor an email requesting his assistance, at 1:40pm. Did I mention that the deadline was at 2pm?

In a matter of minutes, he responded in the affirmative and said I should send him the assignment. I did!

Moral of the story: when God is on your side, he will make a way. We don’t call him the Way-maker for nothing.

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