180 Days of Boasting about God – Day 42

When God does “small” things, I am still amazed!

Can I tell you about a God who knows what’s around the corner? One day, as I fasted, I felt an urge to take a few minutes to pray. My fasting was to end at 12pm. However, around 10:00am, I knew I should stop what I was doing at work, take a 15 minute break and pray.

I got up at 10:30 and took the time to pray. I decided that I would do this again, in an hour. But get this 👉 I got a call, asking if I could attend an online meeting with the CEO in her office. The meeting was to last an hour, but it went on for 2 hours… Way past the close off time for the fasting.

That’s when I smiled and thank God. If I had ignored his prompting to pray, I would never had gotten the opportunity to pray during the stipulated time. 🙌🙌🙌

Trust his prompting in the small and big things.

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