Baal-god vs Jehovah-God

It would be great if you have read 1 Kings 18 but if not, I hope you will be able to follow. 

Elijah goes to King Ahab and tells him to call all the people and all 450 Baal priests.  He asks them to choose whom they’ll serve, whether God or Baal.  The people said nothing; they just stood looking silently.  So Elijah asks them for two bulls and tells them that they’ll both offer sacrifices to God and Baal.  The test was that they’d have to call on their God/Baal to send fire to burn up the sacrifice.  

So I’m picturing the idiots (Baal worshipers) in 1 Kings 18 jumping around the altar and calling on Baal to send fire to light the sacrifice.  Then I see Elijah on the ground, in a fit of laughter saying, “weh yuh god deh? Call likkle louder, maybe him gone a bathroom, or gone fi a walk, or him a sleep. Call likkle louder, man”. 😂😂😂😂

And the idiots did call out louder. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

By this time, I’m dying with laughter.  Proper laughing enuh.  

I be there wondering why these people serving a god who needs to use the bathroom and can’t even show up and save them from embarrassment.

So then, Elijah be like, “unnu stop the foolishness. Look here, soak mi sacrifice inna wata, 3 times.  Soak it good”.  Then he calls for God, Jehovah God, not Baal god, to show up and show off.  Instantly, fire came down and burnt up the soaked sacrifice and dried up every drop of wata.  And I picture Elijah’s face saying, “mi not even affi call two time! And, on the first call, my God answer wid fire. Unnu a joke man”.

Which God are you serving? The one who has to take a nap or the one who answers with fire instantaneously?

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