10 Years Ago… Presently…

I took the pic below 10 years ago and I loved it! I still love it.


The good thing about 10 years ago is that it’s the point immediately after I started to change my negative views about myself.  Since then, I can’t say I’ve changed much, I’d rather say I got more refined over the years.


In 10 years, I grew to understand the value of family and friends. My mother is now one of my best friends, my biggest supporter, and my conscience. My siblings and I have a crazy sync and I know they are forever in my corner. On the aspect of friends, 10 years ago, I had few friends, and fewer friends I’d confide in when I had issues and big moments. Now, I have so many friends that I find myself wondering where they all came from and trying to figure out since when I had so many options. I have more than my normal quota of best-friends and more than enough people I can confide in and from whom I can seek advice. Wow.

Over the 10 years, I began to crave a much deeper relationship with God than I could ever imagine. I learnt to depend on God and believe in his promises no matter how the circumstances looked. I moved from bible reading, law focused Christian to a bible applying and grace based child of God (Christian). I love that my beliefs aren’t concepts I abide by just because I heard them in church but because I actually see why God wants me to live as he commanded.

In the 7th year, I decided that I needed to put on at least 20LBS because I was underweight. I wanted to be healthy and take good care of my temple, and staying “slim” just to be called slim meant nothing if I remained underweight. So back then, I weighed between 90 – 105LBS, never more than that amount.  Currently, I go back and forth between 130-138LBS.  That’s a proud moment for me.  And the best thing was that I made that decision solely out of concern for my physical health and not because some guy told me I needed to gain weight.  Strangely enough, I can still fit in most of my clothes from 10 years ago.



10 years ago, I felt purposeless and lost… Presently, I am filled with purpose and know where I’m going.


Cheers to aging like fine wine, may we all get better with time!

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