How to handle singleness as a young adult (Part 2)

Serve God with JOY. Read Part 1 here.

I get up every-day and my mind is on how I can please God. It’s all about talking to him for direction. However, some mornings, I find myself thinking about a particular individual but that only leaves me feeling frustrated. Therefore, what I’ve decided to do is to channel that energy into my purpose.

As a single person, take the time to:

1. Heal and be complete.

I am whole and I don’t need a man to complete me. Likewise, you don’t NEED a partner to “complete” you. Two shall become ONE. Not two halves shall become ONE.

2. Learn about yourself.

The worst thing, I can imagine, is to be married to someone who doesn’t know you. And they can’t know you if you don’t know yourself.

Singleness is the time to fully realise what you like/dislike, what level of crazy you are on the crazy scale, how you behave/react in different situations, and it’s the time to transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

In my state, I have learnt to be bolder about some behaviour that I normally kept hidden out of fear that people may laugh at me. But now, I’m like, ‘who cares about them, if I can’t be myself then they aren’t people I want to be around’.

3. Walk in your purpose.

Knowing that you’re doing something valuable and worthwhile for the kingdom helps. It helps to keep me from worrying about the future and gives me joy when a task is completed.

Yes, we may feel discouraged at times and lose hope. But if we have something greater to POUR OUR ENERGY into, then we will have less time wondering why we haven’t met “the one”.

I pause here. Look out for Part 3 while you reflect on what you need to apply to your life from the list above. If you’ve been doing some of those, please share how it has been going for you, I’d love to hear.

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