How to handle singleness as a young adult (Part 1)

I haven’t done any research as I’ll speak from my experience.

For the sake of clarity, singleness is the state of being unmarried. Singleness means you do not have a husband or wife. Even if you are in a relationship, according to the law of the land, thou art single. That is the definition with which I’m working.

How do I handle singleness?

I see it as my opportunity to do WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, AND HOW I WANT. This includes serving God wholeheartedly. If we, single people, focus on the fact that we’re not married then life will be very sad.

I know of a few young married couples who literally had to cut down the many activities they did, where they went, etc., and most limiting of all, they now have to consult their spouses before doing ANYTHING.

I will say that they gladly and lovingly do this, but why should we singles focus on that now?

Question: How do you currently manage your singleness? Are you throwing yourself into your purpose or just waiting for “the one”?

A friend of mine reminded me that singleness is a GIFT. Meaning, it’s an opportunity to be seized. If you got a house as a gift, wouldn’t you live in it and start fixing it up?

Of course!! So fix up your single life, boo.

We all have to approach singleness differently as we’re unique in who we are. But I must say, it is imperative that we BE HAPPY!

Serve God with JOY, man.

P. S., look out for Part 2.

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  1. Roses' Niche says:

    Your posts have been such a blessing! 🙂 I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition and Impact Award:


    1. Klasik Krys says:

      Oh wow! I feel so honoured. Thank you for your nomination. Bless the Lord.

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