Conversations with Daddy (CWD) – Day 3 of 7

I’ve been talking to Daddy, and intentionally listening for his response, for the past few days. At times, we talk but we don’t stop to hear what he has to say about our prayer. Let’s strive to pause AND record his responses to us.

Check out the CWD Intro and Day 1 or Day 2 if this is the first post you’re reading.

My prayer: Help me to hear from you today.

I believe Daddy wants me to know that: Unity is important. You can have a difference of opinion with others but you must not let that cause division. Things have happened and people have done things that have hurt you but don’t let it cause division in my house.

A difference of opinion will lead to different actions being done. Everyone, even those who hurt you, are important to me and you are still ONE body. Your purpose is not greater than theirs. Your purposes should work in balance and harmony for the growth of my kingdom.

Live as one, live in unity. Unity symbolises love and love covers a multitude of sins. If you love someone, you won’t seek to expose their sins for their hurt. Love them and pray for them.

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