Conversations with Daddy (CWD) – Intro

When I was 21, I struggled with hearing from God. I never believed that I could hear from him. Consequently, I’d go to persons who had that “connection” with him to ask them to seek him on my behalf.

Eventually, people would refuse to help me pray about a matter and tell me to go ask God for myself. I found this distressing as those same persons never stopped to ask if I knew how to hear God’s voice or offer to teach me how to it.

But I didn’t lose hope. I went to Google for help. I typed in “how to hear God’s voice” in the search engine and read a few of the results. Of course, some were utterly useless but a few were invaluable!

I got guidance from 2 memorable sites: one with a practical exercise and techniques that helped me to believe that God wanted to speak to me ( and the other was Heather Lindsey’s blog that spoke about using a prayer journal.

That’s the technique I’ll be using on these posts as I have my Conversations with God for the next seven days. I will intentionally spend time with God and use the blog as my journal, recording what I say to God and what he says to me.

Why am I doing this? I hope to help someone understand that God desires to talk to all of us and show them how they too (or you too) can practice to hear God’s voice using the journalling technique. I’ll make my first Day 1/7 post soon.

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