Watch “Favour Isn’t Fair” on YouTube

Have you ever gotten something that you knew you didn’t deserve? That’s favour. Favour is when the Lord gives you a job, for which you’re unqualified, it’s when you get a the horse AND the saddle. Watch this video to hear more. Like, comment, share, and subscribe.

Watch “You Have to Choose” on YouTube

There comes a time in a person’s life when we have to make a major decision. One such decision is regarding our faith. Who are you deciding to serve. Will you choose to serve sex, your love for money, your family/friends, idols, demons, etc? Or will you choose to serve God? But, one way or…

Watch “Who Knows?” on YouTube

Some times we like to do things in secret, even serve God. But, can you be a Christian and no one knows? Watch this video to find out. Like, comment, share, and subscribe.

Unequally Yoked: A Study in Context (2 Cor 6:14)

Many verses of Scripture are used as “proof texts,” quoted as the confirmation of some doctrine or opinion without much attention to what the verse might mean in its own context or what the background of the idea might be from a cultural or historical perspective. For example, many Christians quote 2 Corinthians 6:14 as…

Watch “Why Do You Go To Church?” on YouTube

Everyone has a reason for attending Church. Whether it’s out of love for God, habit, being forced to by parents/guardians, to meet friends, or to escape home…we all have our reasons. But why should we actually go to Church? What should be our aim when getting to church and meeting the church? Watch this video…