Undeserved Blessings

Something that is undeserved means that you did absolutely nothing to earn it.  Imagine a friend coming up to you and telling you that they have purchased a newly built house, placed new furniture inside, planted a garden and a few trees in the yard, and purchased a new car for YOU.  That is what God did to the Israelites and it’s what he wants to do for you!

I have given you a land for which you did not labor, and cities which you did not build, and you dwell in them; you eat of the vineyards and olive groves which you did not plant.’  Joshua 24:13 NKJV

In this verse, God speaks to the Israelites and he refers to the Promised Land; the land the Canaanites had been living in for many years.  Numbers 13: 23 and 27 records some of the things the children of Israel saw before being stuck in the wilderness for forty years: “When they came to the Eshcol Valley, they cut off a branch with only one bunch of grapes on it. They carried it on a pole between two of them.  They also brought some pomegranates and figs.  This is what they reported to Moses: “We went to the land where you sent us. It really is a land flowing with milk and honey.  Here’s some of its fruit.”  When God speaks to them in Joshua 24, they have received the promise and he now reminds them of how much he has done for them.

God will give us finished products as blessings.  The Israelites did not have to build any city or plant the farm lands before they were able to eat the fruits of the harvest.  They were given cities ready to be inhabited and fields ready to be harvested.  Likewise, God will give us houses that are fully furnished, jobs that are fully equipped, and ministries that are ripe for us to function effectively.  God will take us to places that are fully equipped with all that we need.

All we have to do is be obedient and follow his instructions and then we’ll be given all the things promised.  This is the undeserved blessing: getting things/positions/reaching places you did nothing to achieve.  

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