A Picture Says a Thousand Words

One day, I had a brief but lovely conversation with a young lady who is beautiful from the inside out. One this particular day, she asked me a question… “Do you think that some poses are appropriate for believers to do? Relating to the message some of them show.”

My answer was and still is no.

No, I don’t think so, as certain poses naturally send signals of attraction, seduction, and such. Some say it’s just a pose, but, what message are you sending with it? Is it an “I’m happy/beautiful” message or an “I’m sexy/look at my body” message?

This leads me to question how some females, and even males, dress. If you follow me on Instagram, purposeful_inspiration, you would see that I am all for dressing up and looking fabulous. What I am concerned about is our intention when selecting certain clothes to wear. Why did we choose that pants, skirt, blouse, or dress? Does our outfit say, “Look at me, I’m sexy”?

I 100% support dressing sexily. But as the saying goes, “there is a time and place for everything”. When I see females wear revealing and skin-tight outfits to church, it is my principle to not speak to them about what they have on. I leave that aspect and focus on their spiritual lives. It is my opinion, that when a woman has a strong relationship with God, you will not see her wearing just about anything that “looks sexy”. However, the farther we are away from God will be the less concerned we are about how he thinks we should dress and more focused on what I want to wear.

I like to ask this question, “If Jesus were to come, would you run to Him in what you have on or run to change before going to Him?”

No, I am not saying that we should dress in a frumpy manner, look raggedy, or wear clothes that are bigger than our size. I am just of the view that dressing attractively is the opposite of dressing sexily. An attractively dressed woman will not see others (men and women alike) thinking about sex/sensuality on first sight and having a majority of the males looking at her lustfully . An attractively dressed woman will draw comments like, “you look beautiful”, “you look attractive”. While someone whose dresses sexily will receive comments like, “baby, I like your body”, “yuh body sexy” (patois).

This turns us back to the initial question about posing for pictures. In my opinion, how we dress will determine how we pose.

People will either agree or disagree with my opinion and that is fine, but I just want to leave quote with you: “If you can’t comfortably worship God in it in His sanctuary, don’t wear it.” ~ Purposeful Inspiration

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