Don’t Entertain the Devil

We give the enemy power when we entertain certain thoughts. 

We had a mighty move of the Holy Spirit at church one day.  A mighty one.  The messaged was preached, declaring that the people of God need to rise up, put on the whole armour, and fight back. 

But on this particular day as I was home in the night, I was given a thought.  One thought.  And I followed up on it (meaning that I played out the situation in detail – that’s one of my major weak points, fantasising).  The thought was that a particular guy would leave me at the altar (and I’m not even engaged, can you imagine that? Lol)  At the end of going through the fantasy and working out how I’d react and what I’d do, I was okay.  Or so I thought.   I went to lie down and a spirit of depression came over me.  I wasn’t sleepy but I fell into a state of sleepiness, and even while “sleeping” I could feel a heaviness weighing me down.  

Other thoughts began to surface: “would my fantasy really happen to me?”; and “Is it what I deserve?”  I didn’t want to move.  I felt like crying.  I felt like giving up.   I was thinking that it’s better I shut down all hope for the future in order to prevent the fantasy from becoming real.  

But then, I gathered my willpower and decided that I was getting up.  When I got up, I said, “No, devil.  That won’t happen to me.  Yes, it is possible but I won’t accept that as what is meant for me.” (Or something along those lines).  You see, all the enemy wants is just one instance of us entertaining even the simplest of thoughts or the most unlikely of thoughts and then he starts to attack.  

I entertained the thought because I was like, “OK, this is interesting.  It won’t happen but let me play it out in my head”.  That was my mistake, entertaining the thought. Some times we underestimate the ability of the enemy to use our thoughts to affect us. We need to be careful. The Bible says that we must be careful for NOTHING (Phillipians 4:6). We should not take anything lightly or get anxious over the slightest ideas that come to mind.

We need to reject certain thoughts that come our way. No matter how interesting they are, we need to let them go as soon as they flash across our minds. If we don’t let’s these thoughts go, we open the door for the enemy to feed our spirits with depression, hatred, anger, anxiety, and much more. And all because of a thought and not reality. Control your mind, and you’ll save yourself from experiencing a world of pain that’s based on events that have not yet happened and may never happen.

By: Klasik Krys

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I always thought if you’re just fantasying( not to a certain level,being aware of not wanting to lust, or any such thing), yet your mind is guarded from the actual thing ( at least to you), then it’s ok to do it. But seeing how we aren’t to put a limit to what the enemy can do,when it comes to temptation, this is a wise saying, ” Be anxious for nothing.” Thanks for sharing, else I would have continued in my fantasying saying, ” The devil can’t read my thoughts.” And end up in the actual thing…


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