Theme: “The whole armour: put on prayer”

Scripture: Ephesians 6. 11&18: 

11. Put on the whole armour of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
18. Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

~Topic: Armoured Lifestyle~

The whole armour of God is described as:

👑 Helmet

👕 Breastplate

🎯 Shield

∞ Belt

✂ Sword

👟 Shoes

Finally, 🙏 prayer should be constantly given for all believers.

When I used to think about the armour, I used to picture a  soldier of the middle ages standing in the metal suit.  Then I would imagine it being on me.

But the armour of God isn’t metallic. It’s spiritual. It is a lifestyle. 

👑 Helmet of salvation – Strongholds begin in mind.  The Word says we should be transformed by the renewing of our MINDS.  We are free!  Salvation, as a helmet, breaks our ties to sin.  No longer must we continue in our sinful deeds.  Do I believe that and live like I’m free from sin or do I still think I cannot be free and give in to the temptations?

👕 Breastplate of righteousness – Righteousness means to have right standing with God.  It means our actions, words, and thoughts are reflective of our faith in Jesus Christ.  Do I protect my heart by doing the things that are right and honourable?   Do I protect my chest by believing that Jesus’ blood has the power to cleanse me from sin and make me pure bbefore God? 

🎯 Shield of faith – We must believe.  Not only should we belive, we must work (act, live, walk) because faith without works is dead.  Do we trust God to provide, protect, heal? Do I believe the promises in the Bible are for me? Do I live the life of an overcomer?  

∞ Belt of truth – requires honesty. It will hold us up, support us. Are we speaking the truth or do we lie often/occasionally?

✂ Sword of the Spirit – we  need to know (study and live) the Word.  Without this part, we will find ourselves fighting without a weapon.  That is very dangerous.  Do I make time to read the Bible?  Do I apply the Scriptures to my life?  Am I a hearer only?

👟 Shoes of peace – that means we seek peace everywhere we go. Am I a warboat? Do I stir up conflict at home/work/church?  Do I intentionally pick fights with my friends by saying things I know will yupset them. 

🙏 Praying – is talking to God, that means we seek to hear what he has to say. Do I pray for others more than myself? Do I pray asking for blessings more than I say, “thanks for life”?  When I pray, do I stop to listen to God’s response?

The armour is a lifestyle, if we don’t live the parts, we won’t be protected.  If we don’t put on the armour by the way we operate daily, we’re wasting time praying for it because we still won’t have it.  Do we have on the armour?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice come back. The spirit of God is right, Friday at our youth service ‘ prayer ‘ was the main focus, and from Friday this keep coming up, Prayer, Sunday at a crusade by savannah cross, again prayer, and here again by you, Prayer, the spirit wants us to pray, as it is the end time ‘ watch and pray’ than you enter not into temptation for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. And what we should really be praying for is for others, as when we pray for others God will take care of our businesses, we need to pray , for these things go not out except through prayer and fasting.


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