Holy Spirit Ember Attack

Retrieved from: Charisma News
By: Dawn Hill


Get in the line of God’s bushfire. (iStock photo )

It is a vision I have seen numerous times during moments in prayer and worship—individuals and nations encased in fire and the breath of God blowing on each of them, fanning the flame to others.

Not long ago, during a time of worship, the Lord showed me a vision of people as glowing embers, burning coals with no visible flame. These embers were alive and yet underestimated because a raging fire appeared not to consume them. It is tempting to miss the potential of a fire hazard with remaining embers that simply refuse to die because we are looking for the flames.

In this vision, I saw people as burning embers and as the wind of God blew on them, the glow upon them burned brighter and hotter. I then saw flames spreading in the form of small embers blowing off of them and touching those around them, causing those touched to glow and to burn. The fire of the Holy Spirit was spreading from the embers. I started digging into the definition of the ember and, in the process, I found the term that defined what I had seen in the Spirit.

An ember is a glowing hot coal typically made from wood or coal that remains after a fire or even preceding a fire. Embers are able to rekindle a fire appearing to be extinguished, and because of this, they pose a fire hazard. They are said to hold intense heat and can even be as hot as the fire that created them.

Embers play a major role in forest fires, as these embers are typically leaves and such that are lightweight and easily carried by the wind. With the right conditions, these embers can be carried ahead of the fire by the wind, creating spot fires. A phenomenon known as an ember attack is seen during a bushfire, and this is where embers will bombard a house and kindle small fires in the wooden structure.

As soon as I read about the ember attack, I knew that this was what I had seen in the vision, a Holy Spirit ember attack bombarding the body of Christ and those in the path of the bushfire.

Acts 2:2-3 tells us that on the day of Pentecost, the sound of a mighty rushing wind from heaven filled the entire house where the 120 sat and divided tongues of fire appeared to them and rested on each one of them. It was the perfect atmosphere for a fire to spread on those in attendance, igniting a movement.

The all-consuming fire of God was the origin, and embers carried on the wind of God bombarded these habitations of the Holy Spirit, kindling fires within each of them that burned away the former to make room for the latter. They became burning ones, embers as hot as the fire that created them and hazardous to the kingdom of darkness.

But it didn’t stop with them. As is the nature of fire, it spread to others, and multitudes were lit up for Christ.

I believe we are in an exciting time on the earth right now. There are opportunities all around us to release embers onto a world full of dead coals. Yes, there are much lawlessness and demonic activity abounding, but God is greater than all of that and He is up to something big in the midst of His people. There are spot fires bursting forth all across the globe

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow!! this is amazing and good to know, so there a fire within us that can light the coals of dark souls, to God be the glory, the fire is shut up in our bones; we can’t hold it back, we r dangerous, if ppl get too close with the wrong motives they die by just the heat; ignite the fire within u to bring life to a dark soul…..just like Elisha, when he die the fire was still burning in him, and the dead body that was place on his bones came back to life. Let it burn out carnal nature and remove the heart of stone for a heart of flesh. Just spread the fire withholding noting; giving one self to service, surrendering all to God and allowing the spirit to occupy every part of our lives, guiding and controlling us.


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