God is speaking to you. . Are you listening?

It somehow amazes me how God speaks to His children.

Today, I was feeling a little discouraged, feeling somewhat defeated but God knew just what to do to shift the atmosphere from discouragement to encouragement. God did something and as a result, I begin to smile because I knew it was God telling me that He’s there, just have faith and don’t give up.

As a result, I began to think of how God speaks to us every day; I’m sure in many ways than what we know. I believe we, as Christians, sometimes forget that God in fact desires to speak to us daily– not just in His word but in everyday living situations as well. God wants to converse with you because the two of you have a relationship together–after all, what is a relationship without communication?

As Christians, we should constantly seek to hear from the Lord because He’s there. Job 33:14 states, “For God does speak—now one way, now another— though man may not perceive it.” This means that God speaks to us in many ways although many do not recognize it.

I believe we should be more aware of the presence of God in our lives. Look for God to speak to you every day. Expect God to speak to you through people, situations, impressions, while spending time with him, in prayer, in His word, in dreams, through the unction of the Holy Spirit and etc. Don’t limit God to being able to speak to you in just one particular way because Job 33:14 lets us know that God speaks to us one way now, another way later.

In my own life, I’ve witness God speak to me through other people when I was feeling down, worried, scared, depressed or just needed confirmation of something God has told me. I’ve also witnessed God speak to me through everyday circumstances just to let me know I wasn’t alone and that He’s there with me every step of the way, although I may have felt otherwise.

I share this with you to let you know that God will send people in your direction with words of encouragement detailed just for your particular situation. I encourage you today to expect God to speak to you daily and not just on special occasions. Expect God to speak to you through normal every day events and situations – because He is; regardless of what the situation may look like, how hard it may look, how much the devil tells you God is not there ; silence the devil with the blood of Jesus because God is there- speaking to you; giving you confirmation, direction and instruction.

Now that you know God desires to speak to you on a daily basis, I encourage you to seek God with an expectancy of hearing His voice. Be blessed and encouraged in Jesus name.

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By: Jada Morrison         Retrieved from: Operation Youth Reap Whatsapp Group – Devotional

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