Who is Jesus to You (Me)?

Jesus is hailed the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
He is called Emanuel, God with us.
He is crowned the Saviour/Redeemer.
He is the only begotten son.

But who is He to Me?

The song says – “I call Him ‘Jesus, my Lord’. Wonderful Jesus, my Lord. John wrote about Him in the book of the Seven Seas. They call Him, ‘the Rose of Sharon’, they call Him, ‘the Prince of Peace.’ But I call Him, ‘Jesus, my Lord’.”

Is that who I really see Him as though?

What is my personal opinion of this man who died for my sins?

The thing I love with this man, who walked around and performed countless miracles, was His personality. He wasn’t just a “God”, He became a friend to all who encountered Him. This friend stands by me through thick and thin. Through big and small.

1 Corinthians 15: 45 calls Him the “quickening Spirit”. He is able restore life, joy, hope, and love within me when I feel empty. He is able to erase my wrongs so I can be spotless before the Father. This is a true definition of a friend. Someone who loves you no matter what, ensures your best side is being displayed and who never let’s you feel condemned, belittled, or like a loser.

This is who Jesus is to me. He is my friend.

Who is He to you?

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