Day 12: Rest Day

September 5, 2015

Focus: Rest Day

I call this a rest day because sometimes, we all just need to do nothing. I’m not talking idling. I just mean that after having a busy week, and feeling tired and drained, one should just relax.


This was a good day. I got to relax and regain some much needed physical strength; and I was able to feel somewhat free. I did use the day to think about why I am doing this consecration and I remember, it is to give God my attention and my all. He deserves a faithful servant. So as I try to focus on Him, I have to laugh at the many ways I see satan attacking me. I don’t laugh because I’m boasting about myself as I know that without God, I am powerless against his attacks. I laugh because I never realised that I was so important to satan, that he would take the time out to distract me and try to get me to give up. It’s unbelievable. Now I know that I am a Warrior and a lethal weapon for God to use to fight against the plans of the enemy.

The struggles are coming from everywhere, even from persons I thought should be helping me. It’s coming from the music I involuntary hear, things I see, and even my thoughts. However, a good friend told me to “expect anything” from anyone. This friend also advised me to never set a deadline when doing such things for God as the enemy will know and do everything in his power to try to stop it and also that instead of focusing and learning, I may start looking forward to when the time will end. Lol, it’s a bit too late for me since I already posted my deadline, but I can only offer this advise to my readers: propose a week, then at the end of the week you can extend it to one more week. That way, the enemy won’t have a clue if you have stopped or will continue. In order to ensure that you don’t lose focus and start watching for the deadline to come, do a daily reflection like this one.

This reflection will help you to stay focus, and help you to track your growth daily. It will also open up your eyes to fluctuations and help you to decide on the way forward. If you document your mistakes, it will be annoying to yourself to see the same mistakes being repeated constantly, and push you to make the necessary changes (this has been my experience). Moreover, an added benefit is that when I read over my reflections, I am blessed and see a difference between the who I was at that point and the who I am now.

What a rest day!! Quite informative.

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