Day 9: He Understands Our Aches and Pains

September 2, 2015

Focus: Song ~ He understands every little bit of heartache and pain

The song is by the Grace Thrillers, I however cannot find it online.  The lyrics, that I remember, are as follows:

He understands every little bit of heartache and pain
Every time I call on His name, every time I cry, He knows the reason.
Why should He love me so?

I woke up singing that song. God does understand everything we feel and experience. He understands our weaknesses, strengths, our desires, and our thoughts. However, I must not use His understanding as an excuse to remain as we are. We shouldn’t say, “God understands that this is my weakness, so let me give into it.”. His understanding my weaknesses is the very reason He put in His Word that I should “Resist the devil” (James). Resist my weakness.

God used me during this time: I was engaged in a 1 hour session dedicated to God. During this hour, I read, prayed, and worshiped for 20 minutes each. I felt lead to share a particular scripture with a group of people with whom I’m associated. While I was meditating on and praying about the scripture, I received a vision and the understanding of it as well. I typed up the information and had it all day, telling myself that I would send it eventually but yet wondering if it was God who was leading me to say it or myself.

The point is: He (God) understands our desire to not want to do things of self but that shouldn’t stop us from doing things for Him. I eventually sent the message I was led to share. The point is, If we think it’s of self, pray about it and say/do what is placed on our hearts giving ALL credit to God and leaving room for correction as we may be wrong. God understands but His understanding shouldn’t be our excuse for standing still.

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