Day 7: For He Alone is Worthy

August 31, 2015

Focus: For He Alone is Worthy

Reflection: God deserves all the praise, glory AND attention. I have to be honest, I failed to do this today. I disregarded his worthiness. Instead, I heeded to temptation by allowing myself to be drawn away by my lusting. I did the one thing that I wanted to minimise during the 16 days of consecration; I allowed myself to be drawn into a conversation filled with lusting and even focused on the thoughts while they swam around in my head. The point of this is to say, when we set out to do something for God, the devil will use persons or situations to stop us from completing our plans. It is important that we can reflect and evaluate what we have done and compare it to what we wanted to do and re-strategise accordingly, repenting when necessary.

My aim hasn’t changed as I will continue to work towards it. The limitations I listed will not be adjusted as I will ensure I work within the limits I placed for myself. God deserves the glory. He is worthy. I should meet Him where He is and not expect Him to meet me in my sinful state by saying that, “He understands.”

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