Day 5: Search Me

August 29, 2015

Focus: Search Me

Results of a self-examination:

  • I will be more determined
  • I will be less aggressive and feisty
  • I won’t answer people when they tease me, and
  • I’ll try not to respond harshly to foolish questions or statements.

Reflection: The psalm/song says, “search me, oh Lord, and now my thoughts. See if there be some wicked way in me, cleanse me from every sin, and set me free.” The idea is not for God to only seek and remove the sins in me, but to show me the behaviours that result in me either seeking forgiveness from Him or from someone I hurt. After being shown these behaviours that do not please Him, I need to work on replacing them with the opposite version from fruit of the Spirit.

Consecration means to set apart something to be used by God. God will use vessels that are filled with other things (sin, bad behaviour, rebellion -Jonah, the children of Israel) but He prefers vessels that are empty and clean (David, Abraham). Seek to be used in an empty state rather than in a state filled with self.

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