Day 3: Respect

August 27, 2015


God is the leader and the strength of my life.

1. I need to respect the decisions God has made for my life.  I must stop try too tell Him what I want and don’t want to do.  I need to stop doubting my ability to do the things He has anointed me to do and not think it’s all up to me – I must rely on the strength of God to do the task(s).

2. Respect (stick to) the decisions I make for my life.  I am not consistently determined.  When I make a plan or decision, pray about it, and receive an answer, I need to be persistent.

3. Respect the things of God and the people of God.  Do not judge persons unfairly. “Touch not My anointed ones...” Psalm 105: 15.  This should be applied both physically and verbally (words).  I will try not to judge God’s people harshly.  I must judge them with the same grace and mercy that God has bestowed on my life.

Consecration involves respect.  What is the point in being set apart to be used by God if I can’t respect what He wants me to do and the people I encounter?

Something I learnt: Do not argue or retaliate when persons say what they “think” are my problems.  Just say, “OK”, take it, assess it, and then apply a solution or discord the comment.  There is no need to have a discussion with them to point out why their comment may be wrong because they will always believe that they know me better than I know myself.

I should develop such a relationship with God which allows Him to show me my issues and let Him tell me what I need to do to work on them.

Respect the persons who make comments but I must also respect myself and not let the comments, that do not apply, affect me or my joy and inner peace.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be respectful towards Your plans and not try to force my plans on You.  Help me not to criticise Your people but to lovingly understand that we’re not perfect but all at different levels in our walk with You.  We are all trying to attain the perfection that You have planned for us.  Father, help me not to sit and discuss the faults of others but to look inwardly instead and discuss my faults and see how I can work on them.  These I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

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