Day 2: Kill My Flesh

August 26, 2015

Focus: Kill My Flesh, Break My Desires

In my sleep, I was listening to a song. The chorus says, “Kill my flesh, break my desires. Lord, help me thirst after Your righteousness. Kill flesh now. Lord, here I am, I don’t want to be the same. I thank You I’m not that girl again.” (Listen song here) When i woke up, the song was still in my head.

2 Corinthians 5:14, “The love of Christ constrains us because we have judged this, the One died for all, therefore all died.

With this verse, I prayed in this way, “Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your deep love for me that caused You to die for me on the cross. Oh Lord, Your love for me constrains me to give my all to You. I give my heart to You. I give my mind, my emotion, and my will to You. Take all of my days. Take my whole future. Here I am. I place everything in Your hands. I love You, Lord Jesus” (Bibles for America).


God helped me to put my flesh under subjection and He made my path straight and clear. Without me saying a word, He allowed things to be revealed to me. What I was reminded of is that no one is perfect and we must not cast aside persons because they failed where we expected them to rise. Kill flesh and break the desire to punish or judge mercilessly.

Also, I learned to depend more on God to lead me. When He says be silent, be silent. When He says that He’ll fix the problem, leave Him to fix it. I had to deny the part of me that wanted to take charge and do things myself.By the end of the day, He came through.

Kill my flesh, break my desires. Let me not do anything outside Your will.

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