Empty Us Lord; Consider Your Ways

By Seyvonnie Campbell

Prayer: Heavenly Lord, I bless Your holy name. You were, You are, and You will forever be the only true and living God, and we just take time out to reverence Your holy name. Be with us throughout today. Reveal Yourself to us, Almighty God, in a very special way and let Your will be done, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
The topic is double folded. In that, as we ask God to EMPTY US, God in return is telling us to CONSIDER OUR WAYS
What does God mean when He tells us to CONSIDER?
It means to think. The first step in getting right with God is to come to one’s own senses, to acknowledge that indeed we are in need of help.

Ever so often, we look at our own situation, and selfishly make decisions that suit us best.
I am guilty of that. Let me talk for myself, it became so easy for me to see everyone else’s faults and to see what everyone else needed to fix in their lives and overlook my very own. God had to take me to that place where He showed me that I had to allow Him to at least start fixing me first and by doing so He began to empty me of some things that had been holding me captive from performing at my best potential
Asking God to empty us is not a onetime thing
Everyday we have to ask Him to do this because we can, sometimes unknowingly, accumulate so much sin and debris in our lives that destroys our ability to be used by God
The topic, however, is reminding us that in order for God to empty us of ourselves and fill us with His Spirit, we have a part to play first. Consider our ways….
What is it that I need to let go?
Where is it that I need to stop going?
What is it I need to stop saying?
Who is it I need to forgive?
Who is it I need to apologise to?
Let’s use this devotion to do some self evaluation. Let’s think on the things that may prevent us from performing at our best, talk to God about it and ask Him to empty us of ourselves. Fill us with His power so we can pour out into the lives of others
Empty Me. We often sing the song but do we totally understand what we are singing?
For our God is a consuming fire. This description of God is mentioned twice in the Bible. Once in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 4:24) and once in the New Testament (Hebrews 12:29)

To be destroyed by fire (Holy Fire )

MY DESIRE- to strongly wish for or want something for Yourself

FOR ANYTHING- referring to a thing, no matter what it is

THAT IS NOT OF YOU- Not relating to God

AND IS OF ME- relating to self

I WANT MORE OF YOU- Now desiring God and the things of God

AND LESS OF ME- Neglecting Self


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Empty Me

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