Being Unequally Yoked Will Cost You!

By: Ellyse Campbell (Retrieved from: Facebook)

Being Unequally yoked will cost you!….

Its so important to know who you’re spending all your time with.
For the answers:

  • “Yea I go to church” should not be the only answer we should accept while dating! Even demons go to church! Luke 4:33!!
  • “Yea I read the Bible” is still not deep enough..For even the devil knows scriptures…..

Delilah wanted money rather than a genuine relationship with Samson. She took Samson’s strength away by cutting his hair, even when Samson told her that GOD commanded him not to. Her motives and GOD’s commands were totally two different things! Don’t let someones looks/personality/swag/money get you in trouble with GOD! If HE or She is NOT serious about following the commands of GOD, then I suggest you wait rather than waste time with someone who is running off their own agenda rather than GOD’s!

Remember that Obedience is Better than Sacrifice! 1 Samuel 15:22

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