A Cry for Help

By: Klasik Krys

Written: 2015-07-30

A Cry for Help

We see it so often, yet ignore the signs
But when it’s too late we want to offer a listening ear
We want to show that we care, when it’s too late

My words, my posts, my absence…indications that I needed help
Your inability to understand all these demonstrations by a soul in need, shows that you’re not a friend indeed

Don’t come around when I fall
Don’t tell me “it will be alright” when the problem is blatant
Leave me alone to be comforted by myself
I stood alone in my ache, when I made my cries for help

A cry for help
You see it so often, yet ignore the signs
You judge, criticise, gossip, tell lies….when you see my acts reflecting my pain
You say I’m too far gone, that only God can help
But when the truth about my situation has become clear to you,
You come around, trying to show God’s love to me

I need your help
Not when it’s too late
I need your help
When you can’t see my pain

Please, understand when I cry for help

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