Pastor Defends QB Russell Wilson in Abstinence until Marriage Decision

Retrieved from: Charisma News

By: Jessilyn Justice

Russell Wilson talks about his relationship with girlfriend Ciara.

Russell Wilson says he heard from God that he and girlfriend Ciara should be abstinent until marriage, and the media had a field day.

Sex before marriage is the norm in Hollywood, and when someone goes against the grain, people begin to speculate as to what is wrong.

Pastor Miles McPherson, the very man who asked Wilson about his lack of sexual activity, is calling out Wilson’s critics in a blog posted to the Rock Church website.

Wilson says God spoke to him, and his critics challenge on if God actually speaks today.

According to McPherson: “Every time there is a crisis in our country, we claim to be praying for those who are suffering. If God does not, cannot or will not respond, why pray at all? If He is really there, and we are praying without expecting a response, why pray? And more importantly, why should He answer?

“If you believe that God hears your prayers, you should expect Him to speak to you.

“So if God does communicate with us, what would He say about sex? After all, He created it.”

The second point addressed those who called Wilson and girlfriend Ciara’s abstinence “stupid.”

“There are some in the media (who) claim waiting until marriage to have sex is ‘stupid’. I bet you that this would not be a ‘stupid’ idea if he were dating their daughter. The thought is: The prettier the girl, the more unrealistic it is to wait. It’s as though there is no other option,” McPherson writes. “… To all of you questioning why there is a hole in your heart after all of the sex you’ve had—it won’t go away by having more sex.”

And finally, the pastor takes on the role of women in relationships. In a feminist age, secular couples have the idea that those in a relationship should be equal halves, whereas the Bible states that the man is the head, and should love his wife as Christ loved the church.

Meanwhile, those without a Christian lens view “leadership” as “controlling,” the pastor writes.

“It means exercising and creating an environment that fosters freedom, not controlling everyone and every move,” McPherson writes. “The man is to entrust his strength and determination to God in order to create an environment that protects his family’s ability to develop all of their gifts and talents. He is directed to lay his life down for his wife and family and do whatever is necessary to provide for their needs.”

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