Written by: Otavia Sutherland, a member of Operation Youth REAP

Purity…. When you hear the word ‘purity’, what comes to mind ??

  • Without blemish
  • Not a speck of dirt
  • Cleanliness
  • Clear of all impurities
  • Pure

Speaking of this topic, a bible story that came to my mind, was that of the woman who was about to be stoned to death.  She committed adultery and back then, the wage of such a sin was DEATH.  Remember now, this woman was a sinful, unrighteous lady.  But Jesus, the son of God, was brought in the picture.  The priests and other members were about to stone her to death but Jesus spoke; He told them that if there was any man there without sin, they should cast the first stone (John 8).

To frame it in a more modern context image that you, in this instance, are the sinful (wo)man.  You are a new convert in a church or even an old member.  You are prone to being watched, no matter what.  Some church members, I can guarantee, will chat about you behind your back, spread gossip about you, tear you down, and would even desire if you  stop going to church.  Those watchful and hypocritical members would represent the priests and other members that wanted to stone the woman.

But mercy and grace is in abundance.

Say for example you go outside and a little dirt is splashed on you.  ‘Clorox Bleach” is abundantly available to you.

I’m talking about the blood of Jesus.  The blood will:

  • Beat out all stains
  • Make you over again
  • Refurbish you
  • Strip you down

Basically, Jesus will take you up no matter how dirty or how dismantled you are.  As a song says, “Over and over he moulds me and makes me”.  To helps us to become a vessel of honour into His likeness, He fashions us.
He will fix you.  And he won’t stop fixing you until you are the way He wants you.

Not saying you should go get yourself dirty just because you know God will clean you up.  But once you want to be purified by Christ…..You will be.

You start the levels of purification, by firstly availing yourself to be cleaned out and confessing everything to Him.  The emptying yourself before Him.  He is a forgiving God.  Our God is faithful and just.  Open up to God.  Become an empty vessel.  PRAY TO HIM.

One thing I’ve learnt and it is that whatever you ask God for, be specific about it and you will receive exactly what you want. I learnt that the hard way; I repeat, be specific when asking God for things.

As Jamaicans would say, “Ban Yuh belly and bawl” (Translation – tie your belly and passionately cry).  We are humans.

I’m speaking about PURITY

Yes, we make mistakes. Therefore, we must pray everyday:

  • for a clean heart
  • confessing your sins to Him
  • always remembering that we have a God who hears and understands everything
  • for purification

We get dirty sometimes, so dirty we don’t even want to go to church because we believe that whatever sin we commit is printed on our faces.
BUT He knows your heart.  And God understands.  Tears are also a language to He listens to.

I encourage all of us; don’t fight with your conscience, you know what’s right
Ask God to forgive you and create in you a clean heart. Pray that He will not cast you away from His presence but renew a right spirit with you. (Psalm 51)

None of us wants to have impurities.  So Lord God, I pray you will cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

None of us want to be told, “Depart from Me, I know you not.”

Prayer: Oh Heavenly Father, God, we thank you for your word right now, dear Jesus we thank you for your cleansing blood , that washes whiter than snow. Lord help us to understand that we can call on you for anything, Lord we thank you for you grace and your mercy towards us , you loving kindness and for everything we have learnt today. Cover and protect those who are at convention right now , we pray for leading and direction. Right now . send your Holy Spirit to cordon off ever corner of the church right now mighty God touch each and every individual, touch the pastors right now bless them individually and abundantly these and other mercies we ask in Jesus name Amen.

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  1. The True Light! says:

    A very well written post…full of truth and grace! The Lord is the One to please, for He loves everyone no matter what.

    But, we must know this: God loves us too much to leave us where we are. He wants us to move closer to Him and away from the “worldly ways.” If we do so, He will lift us above all those who fail to trust in and love Him as He has loved us.

    And that goes even for those who profess to be “children of Light,” yet live in the darkness!


    Liked by 1 person

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